Thursday, December 11, 2014


Allison & Kristen have FUN sweatshirts in their etsy shop
I HAD TO HAVE some & Kristen was sweet enough to order sweatshirts in kids' sizes so my girls could have their own. I chose the Rainbow Roost for theirs. We want chickens of our own & I have my grandma's iron rooster hanging in the breakfast nook, so I gravitated to that design. Many of you know how I LOVE this story, so when I saw the rooster, I knew it had to be mine! I love the shirts, but I ADORE the packaging! So cute :)

Watching Christmas movies each evening is a fave holiday tradition. 
Look at these snuggle bugs! They are the sweetest sisters ever.

AK has her own tradition ;)
Each night she wants a Christmas cup of milk by the tree. 
She likes to pretend there is a fish swimming in it & freak out.
She's a riot.

I added Christmas wreaths to both doll houses.
I obviously like to keep things festive.

We delivered a car load of gifts to a sweet fam my friends & I adopted for Christmas. 
There is NOTHING that makes my heart happier than paying it forward.
Well, except for teaching my girls how important it is to do so. 
AK was such a sweet helper & loved carrying gifts in for them.

I have to share a story about Masyn here so I can look back next year.
She has the kindest heart & I love that about her.
Well, over the summer my grandma scooped up 2 snow glow Elsa dolls because we figured they would be a hot Christmas item. We were right. 
The 5 year old little girl likes Elsa & I wanted to get her the same doll, but couldn't find one anywhere.
Well, when it was time to start wrapping gifts, Masyn brought me HER doll to give. I cried! Then she said,  "mom… you're making my eyes water really bad." I could tell she was struggling with wanting to give her doll, so I told her she didn't HAVE to do it & we could find another Elsa doll… She said no because she wanted to give it to her. I am so proud of her giving heart. Good news… I was at the store the other day & they had ONE on the shelf, so I scooped it up! Santa is bringing it to Masyn with a note about how sweet she is.

This is how the girls feel about Christmas shopping on the weekend:

This little lovey went with me to get my oil changed this week. 
We were there & our bag of activities was in my suv. Perfect place for it! {not}
So, we entertained ourselves with hours of selfies. 

Our elves are back & I've struggled with moving them. One morning I even had to throw them across the room because the girls were on their way downstairs & I didn't have time to move them. Luckily, our elves only do one silly/fun thing a week, so the kids aren't disappointed when the elves are stuck in the freezer or under the tree.

We made salt dough ornaments for the girls tree upstairs. I wanted red ornaments on their pink tree. 
This was plan B, because plan A was a total flop. Have any of you guys tried this? Ours looked perfect for about 2 days & then all the paint ran down to the bottom of the bulb so I just trashed them & got started on these with the kids.

Cross your fingers this little pink tree makes it 2 more weeks.
AK likes to play with it, & it's in rough shape. We are missing a few branches, ornaments, & it's on it's last leg. literally. I had to improvise with the tree stand. I'm on the hunt for another pink tree, so if you see one, let me know!

If 'pink & red' were a love language, it would be mine. I wanted to decorate Masyn's nursery in this color combo when I was pregnant with her, but Lyndon didn't like it. I decided I STILL want a pink & red little girls room for Masyn & AK, so I painted the walls pink. Lyndon was a little surprised, but I think he really liked it :) Photos of their room coming soon!

We keep our hot chocolate bar set up until New Years, but this year I discovered salted caramel hot chocolate & it is my.favorite. 

We went through Okmulgee on our way to decorate at the cemetery for Christmas.
We drove by my old preschool & I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

I always get a good laugh when I go through Masyn's backpack because she draws LONG eyelashes on everything. I asked her about it & she said, "Yeah I did that! :) They have on 3D" hilarious. 

Last weekend our elves made a fire {clearly I am an artist} & got crafty.

They cut out a million paper Christmas lights for the girls to use on their doll houses.

They also made homework assignments.
Masyn had to write her colors next to each light.

AK just had to match the correct pom pom with the lights.

Sunday lunch last week. Lyndon can't wait to go back & he has a BIG test on Monday, so hopefully we'll be celebrating with dinner here on Tuesday night.
I am sure AK would love to sing Christmas carols to everyone again :)

  I feel like I left out so many things! I hope I make it back here to document the rest of the month before next year! :) 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Catch Up

I ordered shirts from Allison & we LOVE them! I always love the shirts she puts on her girls, so I was over the moon happy when I saw she was listing these. Especially because we LOVE gold.

I used to LOVE the ninja turtles! I wanted to get this for the girls, but the didn't seem to care too much.
My girls love Elsa & Transformers, so we just picked this guy up for our friends to give their son for Christmas. 

I also had a paint fiasco. It was just terrible & as bad as I want to forget about it, I have to document it.
Can you see the foot prints everywhere? ha! Our cat eventually made her way through the paint & ran all over the place! It was on the counter, cabinets, kitchen table/chairs, rugs, clothes, shoes, couch, carpet, oven, walls, & ceiling…….

oh, and my lil AK! She wasn't thrilled. 

We go to the same restaurant every Thanksgiving. It's so good & I love not cooking a HUGE meal. 
I know that seems crazy to some people {and we used to have HUGE Thanksgiving dinners} but this really works best for us & I don't think I'd have it any other way now. :)

We went to the nursing home to visit my Aunt Ann after lunch & the girls really enjoyed it.
I drove through Target's parking lot on our way home {about 3:00} & there were people lined up waiting for the sales to start. We've participated in Black Friday before, but that's when it was on FRIDAY. Thanksgiving Day shopping seems crazy to me! We are staying home tomorrow & just hanging out. I have photos to finish editing & we're still working painting upstairs. 

I am so thankful for these two little girls. My hands & heart are very full! 

I am already in the Christmas spirit & have been for a month. I just can't wait to get up tomorrow & put our other trees up while we listen to Christmas music. Masyn is a fan of the NSYNC album & I {sorta'} like Taylor Swift's album! shhh! AK is a Mariah & Celine fan ALL THE WAY. 
What are you favorite Christmas albums? 

This is the advent calendar we're doing this year.
Also, when does your elf return? We don't really have a set date. I thought about tonight, but I'm thinking 12/1 might be better. Our elves like to do something every single night & starting tonight just seems a little soon! ha!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Now that I've caught up with 7 posts today, I will tell you why I've been so MIA.
My sweet papa passed away mid-October. We knew it was coming, but I don't care how much warning you have, I don't think you can really be ready. I know I sure wasn't.

I haven't said much about our family dynamic on this blog because, well, it doesn't really matter much in my every day life I guess. My grandparents raised me from the time I was a baby. I 'lived' with my parents off and on through the years after my grandparents house burned down in 1996.

I briefly lived in Washington State with them, but my grandma moved out there too. 
Then I very briefly lived in Texas, but my packed up randomly one day & I moved back in with my grandparents. 

I knew this wasn't the norm, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. My grandparents stepped in & raised me & they are like 'mom & dad' to me. Now, I do have a dad, and I do love him very much, but that is an entirely different post. 

So, what I am trying to say, that I am terribly failing at….
My grandpa was like my dad & losing a parent is hard.
We're thankful he isn't in pain anymore. It still doesn't seem real to me. I still don't feel like I went to MY PAPA'S funeral. 

I still think I can show up at his house & just walk in & he will be sitting there. 

My papa was Creek Indian & our family is the deer clan. 
My sister & I plan on getting matching tattoos of antlers or something soon.
I must get over my fear of needles first.

I know this post is all over the place, & definitely not what I thought I'd write about when he passed away, but I just don't think I am ready to write it all out yet. 


the lazy way to catch up...

Is to just post random photos with captions :)
I love looking back over my blog & seeing what we were doing & when! 
Forgive the picture overload.

Mall trip with this little sunshine are a weekly favorite around here.

She's my little side kick & helps me take grandma to the doctor each week. :)
We stopped for a quick breakfast so she needed out of her seat. 

AK is definitely a brave little girl. 
She can check ZIP LINING off of her bucket list ;) 

these two <3

One morning I looked over and this little guy was hanging out on my {dirty} window. 
Don't worry, they are clean now that it's too cold for the kids to get the water hose & wash them for me every single day! 

Craft marathons. 

Frozen themed parties complete with snocones. 

lace princess crown crafting

5,000 summer build a bear trips

tumbling & cheernastics 

Elsa & Anna
Masyn & AK

Being Anna before 8AM & singing at the top of her lungs is an all time fave.

leaving snacks for the bunnies that hop all over the place

manicure dates with my big girl

stealing my phone & taking selfies with Taylor Swift...

FUN homework for big girls...

Leapin Louis! 

pizza parties for my friend from high schools little boy!

Would you believe I left out 87% of the last 6 weeks? ha!