Sunday, July 19, 2015


Just a few fun pics from our Branson weekend getaway. I took so many more than this, but just want to share a few. 

Our 1st night in the room:
AK decided she needed a snack right as we went to bed & there was NO WAY she could sleep without one. We put on our robes & made our way down the hall to the vending machine. She's such a mess ;)

We decided to swim most of the time. 

I'd say, "Do you girls want to do _______ or swim?" 
Swimming was always the answer. 

We absolutely loved the Welk's Resort!
If you stay there, definitely do their Splashatorium.

 They have so many fun activities planned for you to do while you're there. We signed up for their cupcake wars, but the girls didn't want to stop swimming. 

poolside pizza picnic :)

We loved eating here & watching the George Straight tribute artist. 
I didn't know Masyn knew so many King George songs!

They have the best tuna melt on the planet & I think it might worth the drive just to eat there again. 
Masyn was equally impressed, as you can see. 

The only thing that rivaled the tuna melt was the cherry limeade. 

We rode the duck. 

It was always my favorite thing to do in Branson when my grandma & grandpa used to take me.

 Then when Lydnon & I went we rode it several times during our week stay. 

I am so excited I got to share something from my childhood with my kids. I am even more excited they loved it. 

AK's favorite thing was pushing the elevator button at the hotel. Even now if you ask her the best part of her weekend she will say, 'Punching that button with the star!" 

We won front row center tickets to see Elizabeth. 
{She's the one who sent Masyn her birthday video last year}
She is so sweet & let the girls look at her costumes back stage.

AK had so much fun straightening out the fringe. She makes most of her costumes.
 She's seriously so talented. 

 Then she found the key to their heart: make-up!

Masyn + red lipstick.
It is her absolute favorite thing in the world.
She calls it Taylor Swift Red :) 
I mean, what else would it be called? 

I told Masyn we needed to take Elizabeth a THANK YOU gift & she chose mascara & red gloss. 
She explained to Elizabeth she's on my team. SO funny!

We walked around the stage

& they had a photo shoot 

The show was so fun & we can't wait to go back. 

We had to hit up the outlet mall & eat at the place with the giant chicken. 
I mean, wouldn't you want to eat here?! 

We also ate at Mel's diner & they have singing servers. The food was so good & I loved the 1950's diner atmosphere. I told the kids they could order ANY dessert they wanted. I am SO glad they didn't choose this! Mel's is another place I'll make sure we visit again. 

 We heard the wax museum had a Taylor Swift figure so we headed straight there.

It's been updated since the last time I was there & I really enjoyed it again.

I asked AK to say, "I'm king of the world!" She said, "um… probee not happening."

Best Sister Oscars :)

On our last day I let the girls go crazy & jump on the bed before we went down to swim. 

This was AK's 2nd fave part of the trip. 

We enjoyed every minute of it & I can't wait to go back. 
I already have a list of places to eat, things to do, & shows to watch when we go back.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I kept this party S I M P L E! 
AK loves to color, so I printed off free donut pictures for the kids to decorate.

AK's giraffe & elephant make a debut at every single one of her birthday parties, so we kept that tradition alive this year, too.

An IG friend of mine sent me these cute donuts that she made. I love them.

AK loves the color MINT & I think different shades of pink is so pretty with it, so that's what we went with for the color scheme. 

Thanks a "hole" bunch, you're sweet!
printable from a blogger friend.

Everyone got a hot pink to go box that AK & I stamped 
T H A N K Y O U & took donuts home.

The day before her party she decided she wanted her own cake….
This entire time we planned on only donuts….
So I called Reasors on the weekend & asked them to make me a plain white cake & I didn't care if it was chocolate or white. I added powdered donuts & I had the 4 and sprinkles here at the house. 
Lyndon kept telling me she would ask for a cake & I kept insisting she didn't want one. ha!

Her other cake
 & I made THESE sausage rolls 
{hiding in the background}

The chocolate donuts were still warm when we got them home. I had ZERO patience waiting to unbox them, as you can see :) 

I saw a CUTE tutorial about painting donut shaped balloons to look like sprinkled donuts. 
That was one of those #nailedit #pinterestfails things….
I just happened to have these gold letters & spelled DONUTS at the last minute. 
Now, no one can make fun of me for hoarding party supplies ever again.
Obviously, my hoarding paid off. :)

mimosas for the mamas

It was such a fun day! AK loved the donut chomp & still thinks that is the only way to eat a donut!

Thank you everyone for coming & making her day so special!!