Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 Well, the flu hit the Casa de Tharp the day after Christmas & we were down for a full 10 days. 

Masyn got it first & then it hit me, and then AK.

My grandma got a touch of it, too.
Thankfully, she called her doctor & they got her started on Tamiflu since she was exposed
& dodged a hospital stay.

I haven't had the flu since 1998 & this was my girls 1st time.
Hopefully their last! 

I know I've said this 10 million times before, but this wagon is my favorite thing I own.
Masyn hates the stroller because she's not a baby, but she was took sick to walk & her body ached too bad for me to carry her. I made her a bed in her wagon & she got to rest with her own pillow & blankets just like at home. She napped for 8 of the 8.5 hours we were in the ER. 

Getting Masyn to drink fluids was a challenge, but AK would drink as long as she had a bottle.
Sometimes you just gotta' do what ya' gotta' do.

Pineapple juice was the best thing ever for her cough. 

This pretty much sums up how we spent 10 full days, give or take a few trips to the ER for fluids. 
What. a. week.

I did get out the pack & play for them & they love to be snuggled up together. 
.Sometimes they'd get tired of sleeping on the couches, so they'd sleep here. 

My personal BFF's for the 10 days: 
Tamiflu & a cell phone charger that doesn't have to be plugged into the wall. 

We rang in the New Year by sleeping. 
I had a little NYE party planned with a friend of mine for the girls, but obviously we couldn't make it.
Maybe next year :)

via pinterest

Here we are in all of our flu glory! Happy New Year from the Tharp girls! ha!
This was one of my worst days, but I couldn't skip documenting it. 
Next year when we are healthy & celebrating, I'll appreciate it so much more when I look back at this picture. We got over this round of the flu & Masyn got sick again. Surely this season of sickness is almost over. Surely.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2014

I feel like I missed Christmas. 
We did several Christmasy activities, decorated, & all that jazz, but I still can't believe it's already over.
We totally missed NYE, but that's another post :)

I made my own gift tags this year. It's been on my To Do list for 3 years in a row, so this was a big accomplishment. ;)

I let the girls open a few presents early.
That was always THE BEST thing ever when I was little, so I caved. 

I helped my friend decorate her classroom door with a gingerbread theme.

The Cranberry Kiss was our favorite Christmas drink this year. 
I think we will make it for Valentine's Day, too.

I found this nativity cookie jar at a resell shop in our town.
I love nativities, so I scooped it up right away.

My sister came over on Christmas Eve & we exchanged gifts.
I love this picture of my grandma reading to Masyn.

The girls also used my coffee table as a stage.

They put on a Taylor Swift concert before we left for church.

Asbury has the most beautiful candle light Christmas service.
The music is my favorite & I just love everything about it.
It's definitely the best Christmas service I've ever been to & I look forward to it every year.

AK slept through the entire service.

Lyndon  was supposed to be out of town the week of Christmas. Somehow things got changed around and he was home Christmas Eve AND Christmas day. Talk about a Christmas miracle! I'll take it :)

I love that my BFF & her fam goes to the same service. Every year I get to ring in Christmas with my family & best friend. It's so special.

We got home about 12:30 Christmas morning & put the girls to bed.
  Santa made it to bed around 2am & was back up early with 2 little sweethearts.
Masyn loves Taylor Swift {that's obvious}
I was going to DIY some Taylor Swift notebooks for her, but found these composition books at Walmart! SCORE! I think it was my favorite Christmas find this year.

She loves a theme, so we went with Taylor Swift as much as we could.
I found this little T Swift pillow on etsy & ordered the girls sweatshirts from Kristen
Masyn picked the RED one, naturally. 

They were so excited! They were trying to decide what to play first :)


 AK said, "look mom! twins!" I told her they were triplets & she said, "No, mom! They're puppies!"
Of course they are! :)

This is a random phone photo from The Christmas Train night that I forgot to post.
I love AK's face when she poses for a selfie ha! 

Christmas night & ready for Candyland and bed.
It was such a great day. This was one of my favorite Christmases ever.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

meal planning

Meal planning is a challenge for me. I have a handful of go-to recipes & rarely change from them.
It gets old, friends. 

Several of my friends sent me their tried & true fave recipes, so I've been incorporating those into our menu. I think it's easier to plan meals out by the week & put it in writing. I am a list maker/planner, so it really helps keep me on track. 

What are you cooking this week?


Friday, January 9, 2015

The Christmas Train

This was our 1st year to go to The Christmas Train.

 I tried to get tickets, but they sold out by the time I got on the computer to order. My sweet friend Kelsey had 5 tickets for sale & messaged me 1st before she posted them publicly. I scooped them up right away! My kids were so excited. 

They had on jackets, so you can't see them, but all 3 of us had matching shirts.
These might be my favorite Christmas shirts ever. 

I have the longest story about how Melissa got to go, but I'll spare everyone the details.
I had a ticket, gave it to someone who NEEDED it for her son, & thought I'd find one more for sale somewhere. WRONG. The night before we were supposed to go, my friend Jamie said he had an extra on & to just meet him at the gate. He just gave her a ticket! How sweet! So it all worked out & everyone got to go. Then she wouldn't let me take a picture of her, so I randomly snapped this one & she threatened my life. :) 

We rode the train, ate dinner, & then went to visit Santa.
This was the BEST Santa ever. 
Santa's house was gorgeous, & the entire experience was magical.

My girls were convinced the Elf Hospital was up these stairs. 
I love their innocents. 
{I also love the pom pom trim on this staircase!!}

Masyn asked Santa for a specific scent of Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. 
Wh a a a a t?! 
We were at The Christmas Train on 12/23. 
That meant I had to venture out into the madness on 12/24!
Thankfully, AK asked for the same exact thing she's been begging for since October. :) 

We walked through the town & ate cinnamon rolls.

I asked AK to take one serious photo, & this is what she gave me.
She is a mess! 

There are pony rides, a little mini elf train, a carousel…. lots of kid things to do, but we ran out of time!
I'm definitely staying up late & buying tickets this year. It was so fun & I think I'll have better time management next time.

AK was totally over pictures by the time we took this one. She just wanted to be free. :)

I ended up bringing her in the house in the wagon. She was exhausted.

Thankfully, it wasn't too cold & the weather was clear. 
I can't wait to take the girls back.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Recap

We kicked off 2014 with a fam photo

& I started selling Younique & promoted to an elite presenter in 24 days. By my 4th month I hit 10K in personal sales, earned a weekend in the Utah mountains & a Bermuda cruise & it's still going strong! I am so excited I started my year off with this company!

AK got her head stuck in the chair & that was a fiasco! 

My sweet friend Cindy took my the girls V-day photos at her house.
I'm such a sucker a pink & red color combo.

Masyn & I had a blast making her Valentine's Day treats.

We had our first visit from the tooth fairy

AK got her 1st mani & loved it!

We had a busy & fun spring break- starting with the safari in Kansas.

going to the mall & watching movies,

& picking out paint colors for their outdoor furniture.

Lyndon turned 30 & we celebrated with our best friends & his sister and her husband.

their sweet sister bond just got stronger & stronger

Easter was here before we knew it!

We went to dance practice every Monday night:

The did a fantastic job at their recital!

Masyn finished up pre-K & it was so bittersweet. 
She had the best teacher & I sure miss her!

AK got her 1st haircut.

Miss Oklahoma talked with the girls at Chick-fil-a. It was a real treat bc it was AK's actual birthday!

Then we celebrated her with a BIG BOW BIRTHDAY BASH!

She kicked off 3 with an almost broken leg & an all-nighter at the ER.
Thankfully she didn't break it!

Our summer was full with all sorts of fun things.
A Frozen themed party with the real Elsa.

Cheer photos of my 2 sweet girls

Countless trips to build a bear to fluff our animals & get new outfits:

we found a splash pad at least twice a week to cool off over the summer,

this crazy cat had kittens

the round barn on route 66 

 my last talk with my sweet papa. this picture breaks my heart & I am sure he would not be happy if I shared it, but I treasure it so much & this was such an important day in my year.

Taco Thursdays at the pier

fairy village building was at the top of the list for the summer

Masyn's sweet teacher got married.

We celebrated the 4th of July at the Riverwalk

We ran into my childhood friend & her family! We ended up spending the rest of the evening with them & it was so fun. 

& the 5th of July at the Pier

& made plenty of themed crafts

zoo trips with friends were another fave

dino digging

dino freaking out

cheer practice at our house- setting up the snack tables was my fave part ;) 

These were AK's shoes of choice all summer long.

Andy B's bowling

We took small road trips around Oklahoma over the summer.

Anna skirt sewing for AK

I also climbed this tree to get the cat down. This cat makes me crazy, but we love her.

AK crashed a smashcake session of mine 
{good thing we were finished!}

Taylor Swift's SHAKE IT OFF was our summer anthem.

The Children's Museum was a total hit! 

I turned 30ish & celebrated with my sweet friends with a Golden Girls cake in Thunder colors.

We had craft-a-paloozas all weekend long.

Swim lessons for these two all summer long:

& tumbling, frozen style.

snow cones all summer long

Kiddie Park was a fave.
The City of Bartlesville is using my photos in their visitor guides in 2015! 

Kiddie Park round 2

AK is fearless & went on the zip line

We hit up Food Truck Wednesday at Guthrie Green a few times & played in the splash pad after our picnic. Our fave was sharing the lobster mac & cheese :)

more Frozen themed parties: 

Chick-fil-a dates dressed like twins

Incredible Pizza trips with dad,

Masyn learned to draw stars,

We made several visits to Theta Pond, 

& the Blue Hole was awesome! 

& it was SO cold, but so pretty! 

AK's fave thing was pretending she was riding a roller coaster in the car. 
It was the funniest thing & she still does it from time to time.

Monday morning donut runs

AK took countless selfies with Taylor Swift on my phone

My mascara sidekicks: they loved going to the post office to mail out freebies to my VIP customers.

Masyn had back to school night & met her teacher.

The night before school, Amy opened her salon & gave the girls their own personal spa treatments.

Masyn had her 1st day of school, 
{this is actually her 2nd day photo}

& had her 1st homework assignment as a Kindergartener. 

I was the assistant coach of her cheer squad & she got to ride the big kid bus from her school to the gym for practice. This was her 1st day as a bus rider.

The girls did their dance at the Watermelon Feed.

I had so much fun crafting for the cheer girls.

& they were in the Homecoming parade. 
We love it & AK was the mascot.

Masyn turned 6! 

I broke my #1 rule of never having a cartoon character anything & caved. 
Masyn just loved Frozen too much to say no :)

We took a road trip to Chicago to surprise Lyndon's best friend for his 30th birthday.

Jenny pulled off the best surprise ever! Friday we showed up & surprised Brandon, then Saturday he had NO idea she had an entire party planned for him. TWO surprises in 2 days :)

I usually have a BIG party for my girls birthday, but we told Masyn we were just having 1 friend over & a cake {pictured above} 

So I packed a box of decorations & we had a real surprise party for her when we went to visit friends.
This was her face when she came out:

fambam sight seeing in Chi & we ate real Chicago pizza {that Masyn still asks for}

1st AG store visit & AK grabbed this chair & reminded me about the time she got her head stuck in a chair! {ha!} 

Lake Michigan

& AK started her "I want to dress myself" stage on our trip, so we just went with it.

pumpkin patch visits galore!

& a VERY FUN hayride

My papa went to be with Jesus & sometimes it still doesn't feel real.

Our chuch trunk or treat:
It was 90 degrees the week before Halloween, so I just had them wear cat ears & face paint so they didn't pass out from a heat stroke in the costumes.

Masyn is still a Taylor Swift FANATIC so I was STUNNED when she chose Maleficent instead of TS for a costume, but she rocked it! 

Our annual Chuck E Cheese trip for Halloween night

These two have their own beds, but 99% of the time, they end up sleeping like this:

I started a total make-over on the girls room & this little paint explosion set me back 2 weeks.
Why 2 weeks?! Because it took me TWO WEEKS to scrape off all of this paint. 
it hit 3 room, counters, cabinets, furniture…… it was a total mess.

We celebrated birthdays & swam at Leapin' Louis.

I dressed the girls like twins for Thanksgiving & we went to our usual spot for lunch.

Our elves came back Thanksgiving night & they didn't leave until 12/26 because Masyn & AK cried & asked them to please stay just a few more days. 

We decorated fam graves for Christmas & on our way home I stopped by MY 1st preschool.
I couldn't help but recreate a few photos of AK right where I once stood at her exact age.

This little elf helped me deliver gifts to a fam we adopted. She even helped load & unload them! 
She's just growing too fast!

Lyndon was originally scheduled to be out of state Dec 22-26, but we had a Christmas miracle & he was home Christmas Eve & Christmas! 
Best gift ever.

Then 12/26 the flu hit our household & took us down one by one. 
We are still in bed. 
Masyn was so sad she missed a NYE party, so we'll be doing that later this month. 

2014 sure had some ups & downs. 
I can't wait to feel better & see what 2015 has in store for the Tharp fam!