Thursday, August 21, 2014

around here

We miss having Masyn home during the day.
Picnics & reading books outside in the morning are our fave.
AK still loves it, but always asks if Masyn can come home & play.

Last year I didn't let Masyn take her lunch often.
She was a picky eater & I wanted her to try new foods.
She was a little more willing to try them because her friends were eating the same things.
I do think it worked because she is SO much easier to please now.

Meet the Teacher night

This year is different. 
She asked me if she could take her lunch to school more this year & I said yes.
She decides each evening if she wants a lunch or to eat at school.
So far, she's just packed a lunch.

We have a stash of fun straws for her to take. {I ordered here}
I also picked up magic straws to change it up a bit since she always gets a milk from school.

I'm still new to the "pack a lunch" club & hope she doesn't get bored with the same thing.
Yesterday she had pigs in a blanket instead of a sandwich, 
but she didn't like it as well because it wasn't hot.
If you have any lunch ideas, send them my way.

pretzel recipe HERE

She's also B-E-G-G-E-D me for a YEAR to ride the bus.
I'm not comfortable with that just yet. I may never be! ha!
All of the schools are very close in proximity, 
so on cheer practice days I let her shuttle from her school to the gym.
 It was a DREAM COME TRUE for her! 
I was a nervous wreck the entire day just thinking about my baby on a big school bus,
 but everything went perfect. 

I've been on the hunt for cute fall shoes for the girls. 
AK may never pack away her gold glitter flip flops.
She packs them in her purse if I ask her to wear different shoes.
Silly girl. 

AK helped me cook beef stroganoff & it was just as yummy as I thought it would be.

Thank you guys for all of the dinner ideas & recipes! Now, if you have lunch ideas for school kids, pass them along! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AK Cooks

AK loves to cook. A few nights ago I let her pick what she wanted to cook.
It was just random things out of the fridge & I decided to let her mix it up.
She scrambled cheese, eggs, onion, garlic & tomatoes.
She ate every.single.bite. even though she just wanted to eat the tomato whole.

The next day we headed to town for stuff to make ranch crackers & cinnamon pretzels. 

Masyn's fave!
I know there are several recipes online for them, but we keep it simple around here.

Mix 1/4 cup vegetable oil & 1 pack of ranch seasoning in a bowl
Toss in 4 cups of oyster crackers
Spread on a cookie sheet & back at 250 for about 10 minutes

Then I used this recipe, but only made the pretzels.
{no peanuts/cereal} 

We used the pretzel sticks & the girls love them as an after dinner treat. 

We made PW's cinnamon rolls this morning after we dropped Masyn off at school. 
She loved how messy it was & watched them bake the entire time.
She is pretending her doll house is an oven & baking me an Olaf cake. HA!
I LOVE how much AK loves to cook. 
I can't wait to get in the kitchen with her this week!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School: Gifts for the Teacher

I called Ms. Trish last week & asked what Masyn's teacher's favorite things are.
She did a little digging & said she likes chocolate & Diet Coke.
My kind of lady!!

We picked up Masyn's favorite chocolates

& a 6 pack of Diet coke.
 {perfect & easy}

Masyn relates stripes to Taylor Swift, and of course, the color red.
{there is always a way to tie Taylor Swift into our daily lives. always}

We're out of colored ink, so I couldn't print a tag for the bag. 
{like what I did there? Rhyming like Dr. Seuss. I'm here all week, folks!}
AK's flash cards are missing the letter W now, but I figure we can just flip the M around & call it good. 

Diet Coke + Chocolate + a Taylor Swift inspired bag + a W for Welden flashcard = easy fun gift

Masyn goes to K

#masyngoestoK is my IG hashtag for all things school related for the year. 
I'll be documenting every moment of it.
Would you expect anything else? :)

Masyn woke up all on her own & was in the best mood this morning. 
She's not usually a morning person, but she was so excited & happy today.
Her hair was still curled from her spa day & she didn't change clothes once!
If only every morning could be this easy.

I asked her this morning what she was looking forward to for her 1st day of school.
She said, "I want to see that dolphin pillow in my classroom & chase Noah."
I'm praying she has specials or recess with him since they aren't in the same class this year. 

I still can't believe my baby is old enough to start school! It is bittersweet.
She's definitely ready & was such a BIG girl today. 

She went right inside & had breakfast with her friends. 
She was so happy to see Ms. Casey. Familiar faces are always comforting, for both of us. :)

I held it together until we put her bag in her locker. 
Thankfully, she headed right back to her classroom & didn't know I cried. 
A few of my favorite moms got to witness it though. Sorry about that! ha!
{Hi Jodie & Mark! Hi Tiffiny!}

AK told me last night she wanted to go, but it's almost 9:00 & she's still snuggled up in her bed. 
Masyn has cheer practice after school, & I can't wait to pick her up!

End of Summer Spa Sunday

Masyn starts school tomorrow & I {still} don't want to send her!
We love to make a BIG deal about everything around here,
 & back to school is definitely something to celebrate!
  {even if I don't want her to go. broken record. I know, I know…}

I called my mother-in-law last week & told her Masyn wanted to visit a real spa & not just do at home "spa stuff," so we made plans to visit her salon on Sunday afternoon. 

What's a spa party without a few snacks? 
I picked up watermelon, strawberries, grapes, cucumber, garlic crackers, & cheese cubes. 

AK didn't want any spa treatments, only snacks. :)

I brought some of Masyn's favorite outfits to try on since she {still} can't decide what to wear on her first day of school. 

Amy found these cute cups for their peach tea.
I LOVE the feet!! 

Masyn's first station: facials with cucumber slices for her eyes.

Amy attempted to wax the middle part of her brow, but Masyn quickly changed her mind.

After her facial, she decided to get her hair done.
She said next time she's skipping the facial & going straight to the hair station.
She LOVES getting her scalp massaged.

She told her mimi she really liked it when she had curls, so curls is was!

After her hair was curled to perfection, she moved over to get her nails shellacked.
 I love this picture of her, but I used my cell phone to take it. :( 
I just have to share it though. LOVE her sweet face.

AK still didn't want a her hair or nails done. She was just enjoying the company & girl time. 
Masyn moved over for a pedicure & AK thought the bubbles were hilarious. 

Can you believe we're celebrating this sweet girl starting KINDERGARTEN?!

AK decided she'd like blue polish while Masyn soaked her feet.
{Elsa blue, that is}

She never would let anyone paint her toes, but she did soak her feet while Masyn's toes were drying.
After we were finished we headed to dinner & then home. 
The three of us sang Mariah Carey at the top of our lungs all the way home.
I am certain we did Mariah justice with our high notes.

We read this & Masyn went right to sleep in her top bunk without one single tear.
AK still stayed in my bed, but let me know she IS going with me tomorrow to take Masyn to school.
I've told Masyn for weeks that I'll probably just park outside the school & wait for her to get out.
Tonight when AK was trying to keep herself awake she kept asking, "where we gonna' park tomorrow? at da school? all day wong? we wait for Masyn? all day wong?" 
It was SO sweet. <3 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

last saturday of summer break

We took the girls to the mall today.
Masyn & AK needed to sample the make-up at Sephora & she asked the lady if she had any 3D mascara she could buy. It was hilarious. 

They both ended up with Elsa inspired eyeshadow.

Lyndon shopped until he dropped today, so I took the girls to the Disney Store for Frozen toys.
Target & Walmart shelves are always bare, so they were excited to get the little figurines.
It was meant to be because there just happened to be two sets left.

Then we met up with Lyndon, again. 
He was lost or stuck in the dressing room, so we waited……….

and waited…...

& used Elsa as lip gloss, sang Let It Go ten million times, and waited…..

{Don't worry, he DID finish eventually}
The girls alway ride the carousel.
We had to keep the tradition alive!

This was AK's first time to ride a horse & not just sit in the covered wagon.
I just love her little nervous smile in this picture.
She kept shouting, "I'm so brave! Remember?!"

We went to eat, got stuck in Tulsa Hills crazy busy parking lot for an hour, went to Target, dropped LT off to meet up with his dad & I finally made it home.  
Of course, we played more Frozen. :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

end of summer{ish}

We are wrapping up summer & I am NOT ready! 
Masyn has cheer practice 3 times a week & she loves it.
{here's a little phone pic for y'all}

AK makes me laugh so hard. I found this yesterday morning.
She put her princess cat inside a dino egg & she was waiting for it to hatch!
I love finding little things like this.

We met Masyn's teacher yesterday. 
I am sure we will love her just like we loved Ms. Fowler.
Masyn is so excited to start school on Monday.
I am thankful for that because I am so sad about sending her.

Here she is after we made it home.
How did she get so big?!

AK still loves being Anna.
I am so glad I have one more year at home with her.

I found this pirate shirt in the boys section at Target.
Masyn said she needed it because it's "the pirates."
I've been working on it to make it a little more girly.

This morning I came downstairs & found this group of friends.
AK said they are waiting for Masyn Swift's concert.  
{I'm glad to see her princess cat finally hatched!}

One more year with this little angel face at home.
Get ready for a year of photos so I can take it all in.
It just goes way too fast.