Monday, July 28, 2014

The Blue Hole

We celebrated wrapping up week 1 of swim lessons with a trip to The Blue Hole.
It's $10 a car load. Can't beat that!
{take the turnpike to Claremore & turn right instead of Left. Go thru Pryor & then just keep going & don't turn. You'll eventually just run right into it}

They have a concession stand & you can camp there if you want, but we just went for the day.
We loved it so much, but I will definitely do things a bit different next time. Several of you asked for suggestions, so here we gooooo!

You just park any place you can. 
I took the car, but next time I'll take the suv because so many people just backed right up to the water & either put their tailgate down or opened up the back of their suv.  
{a perfect spot to set everything up & keep it off the ground}

I packed the basics, but next time I'll definitely pack more.
Here is my Must Pack List for next time:
* this wagon {I took it last time & it was a lifesaver}
*towels & picnic blanket
*wet wipes
*floats {not pool noodles} Here is the one I'm taking next time & here are more fun floats!
* water shoes are a MUST! Here are ours
* underwater camera or this case for you iPhone 
{the water is just that clear! You'll definitely want some underwater pictures!}
* pack a lunch & an ice chest {No glass or alcohol}
* lots of people brought umbrellas and or a canopy 
*chairs {people take them all the way out in the water & sit}
*buckets/nets for the kids to catch crawdads & little fish
{the beach area is rocky, so no sand castles}

AK kept telling me, "Mama! I'm noodlin'!" {she has NO clue what noodling really is! ha!}
 Now, you'll notice Masyn had on flip flops & not her natives. 
They worked, but they were hard to walk in, so water shoes or something similar is really best.}

Depending on how well your kids {and you} swim will depend on where you park & hang out.
We went almost all the way to the end because it's shallow. I asked the lady at the gate how deep the water is at the deepest part & she said it goes to China.  Even though we were in the shallow area, we could still walk down a little bit & be in deeper water.

The water is ice cold, but in the Oklahoma heat, who cares!? Ice cold is the perfect temperature when it's a million degrees outside! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I am so re-leaved {sorry for the bad tree pun} our cat is out of the tree!
We couldn't find her Thursday afternoon and by mid-morning Friday I was a little worried.

We heard meowing & started looking around. I was shocked to see her stuck in a tree, but not just ANY tree!! She was in a waaaaay out in the woods tree.  We tried to coax her down, brought out her bag of food, and LT started clearing underbrush to get to back there. 
She ended up climbing higher. fantastic. 

At one point, we thought she passed out from the heat & not having water for so long.
I put on jeans & boots & LT carried the extension ladder.
I was freaking out because of snakes! 
Thankfully, we didn't see any.

LT & I are both scared of heights. I ended up drawing the short stick & having to climb up after her. 
I kept thinking, "jerk cat! Get down right meow!" ha!

 I made my way up, wrangled her down, & walked back to the house with her. 
{shaking the entire time}
She was exhausted & dehydrated, but she is doing well today.

Let's hope she doesn't try that again! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Summer Necessities II

Many of you liked my post on my fave summer things, so I thought I'd share a few more. Maybe start something new on my blog? Friday Favorites? I don't know, but for now, more fave!

I love a good t-shirt, so I couldn't pass this one up.
It's soft, light weight, & so cute.

I bought several black skirts from Old Navy last year that I've lived in all summer long.
Mine are solid colors, but here is one similar. 

This show. I mean, where have I been? Under a rock?? I can't look away! 
Netfilx is my fave thing ever!

a good manicure

this mascara  is my favorite thing in my make-up bag.
It took me about 2 or 3 times to really learn how to use it, but now there is no going back to anything else. I was a MAC make-up snob & now I am hooked on this! The lip gloss is also my favorite because it is NOT sticky! Nothing I hate more than sticky lip gloss!

My flip flops. I have 10 million pairs. 
My favorite few are my sperrys, yellow box, & sanuk. 
These are on their way to my house, too. 

I always need a big bag to pack my camera, snacks, paper/pens, and anything else I can think of for my girls. I scooped this one up at Target & it has been a lifesaver 10 times over.

sunscreen & tinted lotion

I am not picky on the brand or the kind, as long as it is waterproof when it comes to sunscreen.
I love the Jergens natural glow lotion. I've used it for years & am always happy with it. 

a fun beach towel
bonus points if it's orange!

& this wine. 
It's been a favorite for years & it's only $12 bucks a bottle. Score!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sporty Sisters: Family Fanatics Style

Hi friends!! 
I am so excited to say I am Masyn's cheer coach this year!
  I know!!  It's surprising to me, too! Masyn is obsessed with her tumbling class & does this on our family walks every evening while yelling, "Cheerleaderrrrrr!"

She loves the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, 

& thinks it would be fun to be a Thunder girl when she "gets a little taller." 

Her obsession began last year at the Homecoming game. She loved watching the high school girls flip & stunt. We had such a FUN time getting ready for the game & I am so thankful we went. 
We love football, family, & fall evenings!

So, here we are a year later & we have an official cheerleader.
During her 1st cheer clinic, the director asked if I'd be interested in coaching her squad.
I said, "Sure! & my friend Jennifer has to do it with me!" 
you're welcome, Jennifer! ;)
I am so thrilled to be part of her 1st year in cheer!

I've been searching online for all things cheer. 
Have you heard of Fanatics?
If not, you really should head over there & do a little shopping!
{They have Thunder gear!}

I'm teaming up with them to tell you about their Family Fanatics Campaign & how sports can really bring a family together. There's nothing better than enjoying a good ball game with the fam!
Bonding over sports & spending time together at practice is definitely a Tharp fam fave.
Masyn is a huge KD fan & loves ALL sports, but cheer has her heart.

I had no idea they had kids sports wear, not to mention every cheer uniform for every team under the sun! 

Since the East Carolina Pirates have the same team colors/mascot, I will definitely be shopping out of THIS section. I have to keep AK's team spirit going with fun spirit wear. I mean, since she is Masyn's #1 fan, she has to dress the part! ;)

Another thing I love about having a family team we all root for together is the crafting for game day.
LT would say tailgating is his fave, but the crafting is mine.
Getting our spirit wear all together, making headbands & shirts, hot glueing mums, hunting down pom poms + face tats, water bottle labels, themed snacks… the list goes on! 
What's not to love?

Thank you Fanatics for asking me to share why the Tharp fam loves sports. 
It was so fun to have my girls help me pick our favorite photos & talk about football season!
It's right around the corner & we can't wait!




Sunday, July 20, 2014

CHEER photo session

Natalie had cheer minis & we were there with bells on! 
I've anticipated this moment ever since I found out Masyn was a girl.
I can't believe she's old enough to be a cheerleader!

I had to have AK in there, too!
She is, after all, Masyn's biggest cheerleader!

She showed us her best cheers.

& sweetest smiles

I'm so proud of this big girl.

She had her cheer clinic last week & I have a post coming up about that soon.

this must go on a canvas.

I mean, can't you just hear her laughing?!

rockin' her 3D fiber lashes <3

Natalie is emailing me a video of this moment… just wait until you see it!

Stretching it out :) 
This photo just kills me!
SO preshy!