Friday, September 26, 2014


LT's best friend turned 30 & we went up to surprise him. 
We decided to drive & take the scenic routes.
I am so glad we did.

The kids napped, watched Frozen, & sang their hearts out.
They LOVED the mini van we rented as much as I did.

Chicago is gorgeous & I can't wait to go back.

My girls can't wait to go back to the American Girl store!

AK found this chair & started telling me about when she got her head stuck in ours.
She cracks me up!

This picture makes my heart happy.
I can't wait until she is old enough to watch this with me.

H&M was amazing! It was my first time in one of their stores. 
Oklahoma needs one!

I can't imagine the time it must take to get yourself ready for this!

My girls loved the super big extra large Disney store.
I just knew I'd find Elsa shoes there, but they were out!
Story of  my life. ha!

Jenny pointed out LT's doppelgänger: Woody from Toy Story.
Halloween costume idea!?

 AK was not in the mood for pictures, but we took a few anyway.

Our group shot:

We went to eat real Chicago style pizza afterwards & Masyn was so thrilled.
That's one thing she really looked forward to on the trip.
I didn't take near as many pictures as I normally do, but I just wanted to take it all in instead of getting the camera out every 5 minutes. 

We stopped at Lake Michigan on our way home.

It was gorgeous. 

AK was sleepy & refused to change out of her skeleton pjs and smile.
I know these will be some of my favorite photos ever.

Masyn cartwheeled herself all over the place. :)

& AK wanted to build sand castles.

I tried to get her to take one more picture for me, but she shut that idea down pretty fast. :)
She's definitely a little girl who knows what she wants!

{more sand castles}

Then she pretended to be the Grinch.

We started back home & she was asleep 10 minutes later.

We loved the drive there & back.
I can't wait to do it again!

Masyn's Surprise Frozen Party

We told Masyn we were going to Chicago instead of having a party this year & I put this tiny little cake table together for her a few days before we left.

I have to admit, it is hard to have a party and get an idea for set up when you've never been there before & have to pack everything to take with you. I did pack the soundtrack & movie to play during the party, but I didn't get it out. The girls had too much fun playing & we were headed to the American Girl store afterwards, so we didn't party long.

Lyndon always talks about White Castle burgers. Since we don't have one here, I decided I would get a pack of sliders instead of making sandwiches. I mean, Elsa has a white castle so it stayed with the theme. ;) I brought the "We finish each other's sandwiches" food label with me, but it should've read, "Elsa's White Castle Sliders." haha

Masyn loved the pineapple/sprite/blue hawaiian punch drink so I made it again.

A hot chocolate bar is a Tharp fam fave & perfect for my Frozen loving girls.

Target's dollar bin had all sorts of Frozen themed goodies.
I brought them along for party favors & added some of our Christmas decorations & a DIY glittery 6.
I had other plans for the 6, but forgot the stand in Oklahoma.

I have tissue paper tassels in almost every color. I gathered up the blues/silvers & crossed my fingers they wouldn't get smashed. I think we traveled pretty well! 

{Snowflake cups to drink our blue drink in Frozen style}

Masyn & AK helped me make these before we left. They thought they were for a party decor order being mailed out. Masyn painted the dowel rods blue. I hot glued the ribbon to the snowflakes, & AK helped sandwich the dowel rods between two snowflakes so I could hot glue it all together. 
Masyn really wanted one & I loved that she had NO idea they were for her!

We also stamped the napkins with different frozen quotes.

Jenny saved her decorations from Lexi's party. How sweet was that?! She had TONS of stuff! I loved all of her snowflakes & lined the doorway with them. I stink at cutting out paper snowflakes, so I was excited over these. 

I didn't get a picture, but I made Frozen water bottle labels & glittered her candle so it would match.
The Let It Go banner is also glittery. 

Speaking of banner, that's THE letter G that gave me so much trouble I posted about on Facebook. 

My friend Emily made the snowflake cookies & packaged them for me.
{Thank You Emily! They were SO good!}

I told Masyn this party was for someone else & we had to get ready.
She told me how she wished she had a Frozen party, but it was ok that we skipped a party.
I almost cried. 

She was SO surprised when she realized it was HER party. 
We came around the corner & everyone started singing Happy Birthday to her & she stood there just like this the entire time.

AK wears that Anna crown everywhere & I can't get her to change out of that skirt. 
She is hilarious & definitely knows what she wants to wear. 

Thank You Brandon & Jenny for having us and making us feel so at home!
Masyn is still talking about her party & ready to come back to see you guys.