Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lyndon is THIRTY! {Casino Party!}

Lyndon is FINALLY 30! NOW, he can stop calling me old. :) 
When Lyndon & I first started dating, we went to the casino more than we should have.
I think we've been a total of 5 times since we've been married. 
I brainstormed several ideas for his birthday-- a fiesta at our favorite Mexican restaurant, a golf day with our group of friends… then I thought The Hard Rock!
I made his invitation with my Silhouette & emailed it out to everyone.

It is hard to decorate a hotel room. I like to put holes in the walls when I decorate & I think that would've been frowned upon, so I refrained. YAY! for washi tape!

You KNOW there were matching shirts…

I put these little favors in the rooms.

inside the boxes:
{the little glass bottle is from Hobby Lobby}

a necessity: gatorade + tylenol for the morning

& a door hanger :)

 Our ice chest was small, so I filled the sink with drinks + ice, too.

Lyndon requested a veggie tray & a cheese/crackers tray...

I made the water bottle labels with my silhouette & I always have striped straws on hand.

Brad & Cassidy checked in & the next thing I knew they were ready to hit the casino floor in matching shirts! :)

Our epic selfie that put Ellen's Oscar selfie to shame ;)

one more time….

On our way to dinner, Sarah had 50 people wish her a Happy Birthday!

Now, you may think this is cake & candle picture overload, but there is a story here. Our waiter brought out the cake {with the candles lit} while Cas & I were in the restroom. 

Lyndon didn't want to blow them out until we got back….

They looked & looked for us…...

& Sarah took lots of photos for me…..

but there is always a long line for the women's bathroom :/

So, Lyndon waited….

& waited…..

Brad was very concerned the cake was going to burst into flames….

So he finally blew them out.

Whoa! That's a pretty big flame, old man! ha!

All 30 candles out in 1 breath! 

& we were still in line for the bathroom….. 
Thank you Sarah for taking pictures for me!

Then when we FINALLY made it back to the table, we all had a good laugh about it.

 & played musical chairs.

Sarah was the official paparazzi for the evening :)

We went back to our room & hung out for a bit.

Lyndon was the DJ

for our dance party

Cameras aren't allowed on the casino floor. We gambled in the high roller room for about 30 minutes. Obviously that didn't last long! I think my money was gone in 3 spins. Lyndon didn't do too bad for the night though, but no one won over 5K. The deal was, if someone won 5K+, they were footing the bill for the weekend. Maybe next year! :) :) 

We had SO much fun & I am so thankful for this fun group of friends. Thank you for sharing this milestone weekend with us & celebrating Lyndon!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break was over a month ago & I am JUST now getting around to it on the blog! Better late than never is my new motto! We went somewhere or did something fun every single day, but I only took photos once with my camera & once with my phone! I am pretty sad about that. 

We went to Caney, Kansas to the zoological center for a tour. We went through the park three times :)
Masyn wants to be a vet when she grows up & "wash animal who have oil on them." She was in her happy place this day.

Katy, the mama kangaroo, is still the highlight of their day. Masyn will pretend to be Katy & AK will pretend to be Bullet, the baby. It is so hilarious.

this little hedgehog was my favorite  :) 

& I was SHOCKED when my girls wanted the snake to sit on their lap!

Masyn sang Single Ladies while eating olives off of her fingers at dinner. Then we talked about Katy & how much we were going to miss her. :)

Of course, the mall was on the agenda one of the SB days.

Then we watched The Nut Job & went to Chickfila.

Our swing set needed a make-over, so I let the girls pick out a few colors & we got to work. I'll eventually post a picture. 

We had a happy & fun spring break! Now I am ready for summer!