Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sporty Sisters: Family Fanatics Style

Hi friends!! 
I am so excited to say I am Masyn's cheer coach this year!
  I know!!  It's surprising to me, too! Masyn is obsessed with her tumbling class & does this on our family walks every evening while yelling, "Cheerleaderrrrrr!"

She loves the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, 

& thinks it would be fun to be a Thunder girl when she "gets a little taller." 

Her obsession began last year at the Homecoming game. She loved watching the high school girls flip & stunt. We had such a FUN time getting ready for the game & I am so thankful we went. 
We love football, family, & fall evenings!

So, here we are a year later & we have an official cheerleader.
During her 1st cheer clinic, the director asked if I'd be interested in coaching her squad.
I said, "Sure! & my friend Jennifer has to do it with me!" 
you're welcome, Jennifer! ;)
I am so thrilled to be part of her 1st year in cheer!

I've been searching online for all things cheer. 
Have you heard of Fanatics?
If not, you really should head over there & do a little shopping!
{They have Thunder gear!}

I'm teaming up with them to tell you about their Family Fanatics Campaign & how sports can really bring a family together. There's nothing better than enjoying a good ball game with the fam!
Bonding over sports & spending time together at practice is definitely a Tharp fam fave.
Masyn is a huge KD fan & loves ALL sports, but cheer has her heart.

I had no idea they had kids sports wear, not to mention every cheer uniform for every team under the sun! 

Since the East Carolina Pirates have the same team colors/mascot, I will definitely be shopping out of THIS section. I have to keep AK's team spirit going with fun spirit wear. I mean, since she is Masyn's #1 fan, she has to dress the part! ;)

Another thing I love about having a family team we all root for together is the crafting for game day.
LT would say tailgating is his fave, but the crafting is mine.
Getting our spirit wear all together, making headbands & shirts, hot glueing mums, hunting down pom poms + face tats, water bottle labels, themed snacks… the list goes on! 
What's not to love?

Thank you Fanatics for asking me to share why the Tharp fam loves sports. 
It was so fun to have my girls help me pick our favorite photos & talk about football season!
It's right around the corner & we can't wait!




Sunday, July 20, 2014

CHEER photo session

Natalie had cheer minis & we were there with bells on! 
I've anticipated this moment ever since I found out Masyn was a girl.
I can't believe she's old enough to be a cheerleader!

I had to have AK in there, too!
She is, after all, Masyn's biggest cheerleader!

She showed us her best cheers.

& sweetest smiles

I'm so proud of this big girl.

She had her cheer clinic last week & I have a post coming up about that soon.

this must go on a canvas.

I mean, can't you just hear her laughing?!

rockin' her 3D fiber lashes <3

Natalie is emailing me a video of this moment… just wait until you see it!

Stretching it out :) 
This photo just kills me!
SO preshy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

random little Tuesday

Not too much going on around here. 
I pulled my back out in a MAJOR way Saturday night.
We bought the girls new bunk beds & they are HEAVY.
When we took the 2nd bed up the stairs, I felt something pull in my lower back.
That did not stop me from helping LT stack the beds & put the mattresses on.
I went to bed & woke up at 6am & could NOT walk. at all.
I just kept thinking  HOW in the world am I going to go pee?! ha!

Long story short, a fam friend's uncle is an awesome chiropractor & had us come to his house on Sunday afternoon & he worked on my back. I am walking again, but I can't pick up AK or bend!
I am just so thankful he took the time out of his day off to fix me. I promise, there is nothing worse than a hurt back. Not even a migraine. {never thought I'd say that!}
I've been following my instructions & can't wait to get back in the swing of things!

I've never been to Theta pond until last week. It's GORGEOUS.

This is an older pic, but I love it so much.
AK LOVES her dinos. 

This is the "sweet mommy dino who never bites."
She carried her baby dino to the 'flash pad' <3

Masyn loves having her face painted "like the 4th of July" so I've been mixing my pigments & painting her face. AK still has NO desire for any of it.

The girls helped me whip up some chocolate covered strawberries for a little shindig.
Masyn asked for "chocolate strawberries without the chocolate" & AK just eats the chocolate off of the strawberries. They are quite the pair! ha!

We're planning a road trip coming up soon & if you have any ideas or a tried 'n true bag of tricks for traveling with littles, please let me know! :) 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Grand Old Party

We crafted a tiny bit for the 4th & celebrated a BUNCH!
We started out in Jenks & AK was on the hunt for watermelon.

They had an area with 4 inflatables & Masyn loved this water slide.
AK made it to the top & had to be rescued :(

After a few hours on Main Street, we made it over to the River Walk
There were more inflatables & the splash pad. 

Face painting… although AK wouldn't get hers painted.
 I even told her they'd paint Elsa snowflakes & she refused.

& we ran into my friend Brandy and her fam!

When Lyndon arrived, we made our way over to Los Cabos for dinner.

After dinner, we found our spot  to watch fireworks. 
AK was showing me how they're going to go up in the air.
The guys took the kids to play, so Brandy & I had time to talk & relax. :)

This is how AK watched the fireworks……
She rolled up in the blanket & climbed on my legs.
She was NOT a fan of the fireworks.

The Midlife Crisis Band played & Masyn was ecstatic.
She loved the song Shout! & told me this was almost as good as a Taylor Swift concert.

{Saturday at Pier 51 for fireworks & a picnic}

More fun friends!
Masyn loved seeing Peyton :)

I left my tripod in our trunk, but I couldn't resist a few firework photos.

They LOVED putting their hands up & celebrating.
AK was under the blanket, again!

at least her head was out this time!

We had a fun 4th!! 
Nothing better than a birthday party for the USA!