Saturday, June 20, 2015

shared sister room

I decided to give the girls a bedroom make-over. I had the color schemes narrowed down to blue/pink/red or blue/orange/pink. I finally chose the 1st one & ran with it. A fave blogger of mine {who shut down her blog} :( decorated her baby girl's room & I was in love with it. I knew I wanted some of the same details in M & AK's room, too. Many of you have asked me for links to the shops, so hopefully this helps because I am awful at remembering to send them! So sorry about that! 

I ordered vintage pillowcases from etsy:

I wanted coordinating, but not matching.

My girls are BFFs, so this friendship bracelet print was a must.

I hit up IKEA for frames on my way home from Texas. 

My cousin made most of the prints for their room. This one is SO AK. :)
Click here to visit his shop

Santa brought Masyn a unicorn speaker to go with her iPod. 
Camel print HERE
The pink frame is from Hobby Lobby.

Heart light is from Target, the table/chairs are IKEA. Our friend Ryan came out & trimmed out everything, but I never took new pictures. The trim is white. I LOVE the bamboo blinds because they give privacy, but let so much light inside.

A few pops of gold were a must. I picked this up at HobLob before Christmas. 

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest print HERE

My family is Creek & we are the Deer Clan. I wanted to incorporate this in a few details in their room. :) I found this vintage deer 2 years ago in a thrift store & spray painted him gold. The shelf is from Target, frames/lantern are IKEA. 

Meredith used this rug & I loved it from the minute I saw it. I hunted it down & accidentally ordered two. My friend Lindsay bought the extra one for Claire's room. I want to order an orange one for our laundry area if it's still available. It's my fave.

I love the pops of blue/black/red/yellow

I updated their anywhere chairs with new heart covers & found an etsy shop that had this little pillow. 
Masyn LOVES it, of course. 

Stuffies were at the top of the WANT list & they sleep with them every single night.

I found this mirror at HobLob on clearance & had it refinished at a local store. It was blue, but I needed a white one. I also had the dresser refinished.

I found this little heart lamp at Target. I love that it can be a regular lamp or a night light. It was under $20 & that's a steal in my book.

The shelf is from Wayfair. It actually has one more shelf to make it taller, but I left one tier out so it was  a perfect fit.

 The frames are from IKEA {& I have a photo in that last one now} The baskets are from Target. 

My favorite print
It's hard to see in this cell phone pic, but the words are gold foil. 

This lamp was old & gross in a vintage store. The shade was dirty & the brass was tarnished…. and it had a $120 price tag. It sat in the same spot for months, so one day when I asked if he could refinish it for me he said, "Sure!" Then he told me it was 1/2 price. I bought a new shade at Target & now I love it. 
You can't really see it & I didn't take a photo, but I had their dress up trunk painted hot pink. 
I WILL update this post with current pictures with the trim work.
I also had curtains made- they are white with pink & red pom pom trim. 

The girls love their beds. AK still says her pink walls are her favorite part though.

I always have to laugh bc sometimes she naps in her chair...

Then I'll look over & see this: 

They each have a solid pale pink velvet toss pillow on their beds & they each have a rainbow pillow from Target. 
AK picked them out & she was so proud of herself. :)

Their bedding is all white & it hasn't been hard to keep clean. {{Someone knock on wood!}}
Their duvets
The toy box is hot pink & was refinished by Vintage on 97. 

Daisy Badge Ceremony

I didn't blog about this yet, but if you follow me on IG you already know I am the troop leader for the Daisies. We got a late start this school year, but packed fun crafts and games into the meetings we were able to have. The girls worked very hard & earned FIVE badges in FOUR months. 

The owner of the Crescent Cafe let us use the banquet room for free. HOW NICE was that? 
I kept the decorations very simple- 
R A I N B O W tassels with a few pops of gold...

Reasor's made a simple daisy cake

The girls made a friendship wreath at our last meeting. They thought it was so fun & everything else I had on hand. 

I also printed off these little Girl Scout troop color sheets & asked the girls to color one at our last meeting. I gathered them up & turned them into bunting for the pizza table. 

Scout is our troop mascot & she tagged along with R A I N B O W balloons in hand. :) 

They earned their 1st four petals & the center of the daisy. I cut up ribbon I had on hand & put a dot of hot glue on the back of each badge. I was worried it would mess up the badges, but the glue peels right off. 

The night before the meeting I added a few badges to tunics for some of the girls. 
I decided to bring my heat press to the ceremony & add the petals to all of their tunics before they went home. Then, if the parents want to reinforce the badges by sewing them on they can. 

I bumped the camera & took this picture on accident, but it's one of my fave even if it is blurry.
 Masyn's smile is the sweetest :)

All of the girls sang our troop song, said the GS Promise, and told their favorite thing about Girl Scouts. 
I am so proud of every single one of these girls & I just love all of them. My 1st graders move up to Brownies next year & I miss them already. 

AK was definitely there for the cake :)

I didn't blog each meeting & our activity like I planned….. because I didn't blog at all. I really regret not making time to document everything. 
I'm learning to say "No" to all of the extra chores/favors & taking care of MY stuff. It's not always easy, but I'm getting there and will blog on a regular basis :)

I didn't take pictures in our 1st meeting when they earned the light blue petal & yellow petal. We made cards for the blue & then made "A Daisy Was Here" signs to leave when they did something helpful. Their parents had to sign a slip I sent home when they completed the tasks. 

For their spring green badge we read a story & had a discussion. After their snack they painted pictures that I delivered to the Children's Hospital. I made the easels out of donated pizza boxes from our local Simple Simons. 

I folded them inside out so the logo/writing was on the inside of the easel. I used hot glue to add the extra cardboard to hold the lid up. They folded up nicely & I sent them home with the girls so they could reuse them. I wish I would've had the girls make them, but I was afraid we'd run out of time. I think this would be a cute/fun project for the green badge

I used washi tape to attach their paper.

We always ended the meeting with a game. I divided the girls up in groups & they had to cover 1 person with post-it notes. Then the girl had to walk to the wall & back without dropping a post-it. They couldn't stop laughing. :) :) 

They all worked on the GS Promise & could recite that to me at any point for the center of the daisy badge. Our last badge we worked on was the red badge. We talked about what it represented & then they watched this story: Cloudette  After the story was over they each made a cloud. They wrote or drew a picture of the couageous things they wanted to do this summer. 

They cut out the clouds & glued on the cotton balls.
I printed & cut out the eyes so they just had to glue them on. The mouth is made out of pipe cleaner & glued on. After they cut out their rain drops, I helped them glue them onto more ribbon & I glued the looped ribbon on the top so they can hang it up. 

Masyn really took it to heart! She suddenly wanted to start wearing her earrings, ride the 4 wheeler, sleep without a nightlight, & could possibly stay the night with her mimi over the summer. 

Then we made "CLOUD DOUGH" 
I brought zip lock bags so they could take it home.
It was fun, but totally M E S S Y! ha!

I love a theme, so at the end of our meeting we had a cloud smash game. I made these little clouds for the girls to smash. I added ABC stickers after the clouds dried. 

Basically our game went like this:

Smash a cloud with your hand & do something brave that starts with the letter on the cloud. 

Tiffiny and I helped the girls come up with ideas if they needed help. 

So there are a few of the activities we did to earn our badges. 
I am so excited for next year, summer camps, & parties! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

K Graduation

Well, I still haven't posted Easter photos. I think I'll give up trying to play catch up & just start posting from here on out. Masyn graduated & we had family over before her ceremony. I set up a quick table with cupcake & punch. 

I had Dusty print Class of 2015 shirts for me because I don't have enough time in a day to DIY anything. ha! I did roll them up like little diplomas & attach the little tags I made. I thought they turned out cute. :)

Masyn asked for the fanciest dress ever & chose this one. 

All of the kids were so cute in their cap & gowns.

AK was so proud of her big sis <3
She gave her flowers & then wanted to take a picture with her. 

Jodie {Noah's mom} & I discussed their outfits/shoes before graduation. 
Aren't they the cutest!? 

Masyn & her BFF, Peyton.
 Love them!

We all went out for dinner when graduation was over.

 The next morning was May Day Fun Day. I only had my cell phone & it died 30 minutes into the day. I did take a few photos & then some of the other moms sent me pics from the day. 

It's Masyn's favorite day of the year. She asked how long she had to wait for May Day during the 1st week of school this year. :)

I'm so proud of her & still can't believe she's staring 1st grade in a few short weeks. 

A week later we went downtown & did a few end of the year pictures in her dress...

& in her cap and gown...

with her fun friends :)