Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A tornado hit my town

Last Wednesday started out just like any other day. Masyn went to school, AK & I played outside, & LT went to work. He came home early & it looked like a storm was moving in, so we went outside & secured our trampoline & brought in some flowers & things we haven't planted yet. Masyn was totally freaking out & I kept reassuring her this storm would do nothing but rain & maybe a little bit of hail.

Well, I was wrong. I went to work at the cafe & we weren't too slow. People were out doing their normal routine & then our power started to flicker. A few moments later the sirens went off, but like every other person in Oklahoma, we didn't think too much of it... Until we started getting phone calls there was a tornado on the ground by the Keystone Dam. That's when I totally lost it. We live by the dam & I couldn't get a call to go through to Lyndon. I was about to absolutely panic totally losing my mind because when I left, I turned on Netflix for the girls, so Lyndon wasn't watching the weather. 

AK's fave donut shop
Benny called & told me to close the restaurant & for us to all take cover in the back. I still didn't think there was a tornado on the ground headed towards me. We couldn't watch the weather since the power was off, so we went outside to look at the sky. {I mean, isn't that what everyone does?} From our point of view, you couldn't see the tornado. It started hailing, so we went inside & sat in our safe place. We also took in customers from another restaurant who had been kicked out into the storm. 

My cousin Tori & my friends Candice & Jennifer were texting me. Each time I tried to text Lyndon is would say 'failed to send.' I was so scared for my kids that I wasn't even thinking how close the tornado was to us in town. For some reason I thought it headed the other way. Coworkers called us & we were told all of the emergency vehicles were headed to downtown Tulsa as back up. {still oblivious to the destruction in SS} While the tornado was on the ground we had a customer who kept wandering around telling us there wasn't a tornado near us, despite the multiple text messages we were getting from people saying they saw the tornado. (face palm)

If the building on the lower right wasn't there, you could see the building I was in. way too close for comfort.

I finally got Lyndon on the phone & they were safe. He told me when I come home, I needed to go 41st street bc 51 was shut down along with 244. Our phones cut out & I couldn't get back through. Finally, I was able to get our neighborhood watch captain on the phone & she told me the weather was high winds, hail, flash floods & rain so get home while I could because there was more behind it. That's when I left. It was so dark I had to use my cell phone as a flashlight just to find my purse & we usually had 90 more minutes of daylight left. I did go highway 51 & there were cops everywhere. I was so nervous driving in the heavy rain that I didn't even notice tornado damage. 

When I got home & saw pictures on Facebook & the news I couldn't hold back the tears. The tornado was THIS close to me & I never realized it. I am so thankful to all of my friends who knew it was close & sent prayers up. I saw the devastation in Moore a few years ago & honestly, this doesn't compare, but it is just as heartbreaking. 

I love this video of the tornado footage being filmed from the highway 97 bridge & towards the end you can see a bald eagle flying out of the storm. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

EB recap :)

I love looking back at pics of the girls, so I decided to pull up their photos with the EB from the last few years. 

On a scale of 1-10, AK hated the EB around an 11. 

They only got one shot because AK jumped off his lap & ran.
She didn't cry until she got to me...

This years photo is definitely my favorite.

Easter Bunny 2015

I took the girls to visit the Easter bunny today & AK was ecstatic! She wouldn't stop talking about how she wanted to see him, look at his ears, & ask him if he has a fluffy tail. We waited an hour to visit him & she was all smiles. 

Masyn loved the EB from DAY 1 & never cried when she sat on his lap. 
Last year AK took the pic, but ran away as fast as she could.
 So, I was excited for her to be so happy about this visit. 

She walked in 1st, which totally shocked me.
Then she gave him about 10 high fives & jumped up on his lap.
She was all smiles for a few shots & then out of nowhere she kicked off her shoe & screamed, "HELP!"
Then it was tears, tears, & more tears

She ran over to me & Masyn jumped up & didn't know what to do. 
She turned around & shouted, "Just bring us the same candy you did last year!!" 
The next thing I knew she ran over to check on AK. It was so sweet & hysterical all at the same time.
Of course, everyone was cracking up & that only made AK scream louder. 

I knew I'd either have a smiling pic or a screaming pic, but I never guessed I'd get both!

This is totally random & has absolutely NOTHING to do with the EB, but I love this picture & think I want this painted on the 1/2 wall in the loft. I've been trying to figure out what I wanted on that wall forever, & when I saw this I knew it would be perfect

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

AK goes to the dentist

Last week Masyn had a dentist appointment, & I didn't take any pictures of her. 
My phone had less than 10% battery, but she didn't have any cavities & she did great!

AK had her appointment yesterday & she was so brave.
I thought she might freak out, but she was a total chatterbox.
She told the dentist all about Masyn, our family, her cat, & her birthday party.

She was obviously excited to wear the sunglasses while they cleaned her teeth. :)
Just as they finished, she said,  "Ok, now… it's time to get that goody bag!"

 5 minutes down the road: 

Being brave at the dentist is hard work :) 

snow days

This is how the Tharp fam feels about snow days:

I kept her home last Monday even though school wasn't cancelled.
Our roads were icy on Sunday afternoon, so I knew I wasn't chancing taking her on Monday.

Masyn made her own little snowman & she was so very proud of him. 

I begged them to go outside with me for a little bit & they were resistant.
They hate the cold weather, but they entertained me. 
I love this picture of them walking down our road holding hands & our cat following right behind them.

Masyn made 20 snow angels.
I couldn't get either one of them to wear a hat OR keep their mittens on.
I will pick up gloves for them asap because they hate how mittens feel on their hands.

Lyndon got out the 4 wheeler, but it was too slick. 

Masyn loved watching him, but AK… not so much. 
Every single time I look at this picture of Masyn, it reminds me of a 1st lady. 
Maybe it's the coat??

We made all sorts of snacks & new recipes, LT & I finished up watching Parenthood, & the kids discovered Mr. Peabody & Sherman. 

Our snow started melting Tuesday around noon, so we ran outside for one final snowball fight.
AK decided to stay inside & watch from the window.
This little snowball is still in my freezer as a souvenir. 

We made Paul's Tacos one evening, & then AK chose dinner the next night.
She always chooses the exact same thing. I found a recipe for awesome spaghetti sauce about a year ago & AK could sit & eat it with a spoon. 
The rule in our house is if it's a snow day, it's a paper plate day. That way we can skip a big clean up & squeeze in more movies & crafts. :) 

Last night was the 1st time in two weeks AK changed into a gown for bed. I scooped up the kitty cat dress & washed it immediately. 

We made snow marbles. 

Our tiny "pixie dust" marbles were ready to go when we woke up, but our biggest two were still slushy when we went to bed. The girls took 45 minutes to get bundled up, but they only spent 10 minutes outside. I brought in their water table & filled it with snow and we were all happy campers.

Olaf enjoyed the snow more than we did. 

Since the girls were over the cold weather, we decided to make salt dough necklaces in pretty Spring colors. 

I just googled a salt dough recipe & added acrylic paint to the dough to color it.
We rolled out our beads & AK used toothpicks to poke the holes for us. 

String the beads on string & you have a pretty little necklace :) 

We're also obsessed with the app Animal Faces. 

You can clearly see why. 
My kids can't get enough, but AK doesn't like any of the scary animals. :)

We definitely enjoyed our snow days, but I am SO glad Spring weather is finally here!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Well, I am so disappointed I didn't take more pictures!! I didn't get any with our family or of myself with the girls. I'll pay closer attention on my next trip down there.

We checked out some historical sites down below my grandparents restaurant

I LOVED it. 

The church is gorgeous. 

AK loved ringing the church bell. 

AK loved the old miners home, after all, it's her favorite color. 

The weather was perfect & AK let me take a few pictures of her while Masyn went sledding down the hill with her cousins. 

& this is the only picture I took of Masyn :/
She's still talking about how she played the piano. 
I think it was the highlight of her trip.

It was so great to see family I hadn't seen in years, & for my girls to meet everyone. I am looking forward to going back in July & actually documenting our visit a little better. :) 

On our way home, we made an IKEA run & it was crazy and overwhelming. I picked up almost everything I needed & I have my list started for my next visit! The girls thought it was the greatest place on earth & I had to drag them off of the showroom floor. ha! 
We even made it home by bedtime. :)

Valentine's Day

It's the last day of February & we're snowed iced in, so I am catching up on all things Feb over here. 
Masyn's class party was so fun. She wanted to wear a pretty dress & this is one of my fave.

I picked up a few of these heart frames when we went to IKEA & added a free printable that I googled.
She was very excited to take it to her teacher. 

AK was so excited to pull up a seat to Masyn's table & be one of the school kids.
I can't believe this baby will start Pre-K next year!

Masyn & Noah exchanged Valentine's Day gifts again this year. They are so precious. She picked the exact same box of chocolates + bear that he got her last year because she wanted them to have matching bears. She's already wondering what she should get him next year. :)

After school, the girls came home & hosted their own Valentine's Day party. AK couldn't change back into her kitty cat dress fast enough. ha!

PBK has the cutest covers for their anywhere chairs right now & I couldn't resist them. 
I tried to convince her to put on pajamas, but I lost. Not because she hates pajamas, but because she LOVES this kitty cat dress SO MUCH. :) 

I was so excited when PBK liked AK's photo on IG! 

I finished their pink & red room and I can't wait to share it.
You can order the Run Wild My Child print here

Hope your Valentine's Day was fun & memorable!