Monday, September 15, 2014


Masyn will be SIX years old in ONE hour. 
I just can't believe it. 

We celebrated her yesterday afternoon with family & her best friend.
I have more photos coming later :)

Her favorite things are her sister, Taylor Swift, playing dress up, Elsa, & cheerleading.
She has cheer practice after school, of course AK celebrated with us, she got an Elsa dress to play in, & then THIS happened:


Elizabeth made this video for her & I am not sure who was more excited!
She said this was the best birthday ever & can't wait for summer break! ha!
We've watched it no less than 6,000 times ;)

Happy Happpppppy Birthday Masyn Grayce!!
I love you ALLLLLLL the way up {higher and higher} & back down again ;) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

theta pond

We met up with Masyn & AK's great grandparents in Stillwater a few weeks ago.
We decided to go out to eat to celebrate her birthday with them since we aren't having a party here & she chose Fuzzy's. Afterwards, we walked over to Theta Pond & let the girls feed the ducks.

I can't believe this little girl is almost SIX years old!

AK mirrors everything Masyn does. 
She even made me change her clothes so she could dress like her.

They loved feeding the ducks & we learned one of the goofy ones has his own twitter page.
I keep forgetting to look it up though.

We had so much fun! Masyn & AK are still talking about it. 

fix your bows

I ordered several bows over the summer & they were a bit soft, but I was afraid to mess them up.
Masyn's cheer bow needed a little more pep & since I had an extra one, I decided to make an attempt with fixing it.

I've tried starch before, but it doesn't keep the bow as stiff as I'd like. 
I saturated her bow with Stiffen Quik spray over a paper plate so I didn't ruin anything, put the bow on the water bottles & used my hair dryer to dry it quickly.

I ended up spraying it one more time & repeating everything, but now it holds it's shape perfectly!

 We went from this:

to this:

I was nervous. I was so afraid I'd mess up her bow, but it worked like a charm.
I've fixed all of the bows I ordered over the summer, too!

Now, who has a good tutorial for making these big bows?? 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Watermelon Feed 2014

Masyn's cheer squad did their dance at the Watermelon Feed last week.
I wanted to give the girls something beforehand, so I decided to make them spirit hangers for their uniforms. I had everything but the hangers on hand.

Spray paint the hanger and hot glue the football & ribbon to it. 

I made this little tag with my silhouette & attached them, too. 

A few of the girls came over to our house to get ready, so I set up some snacks/drinks.
This is my favorite part of being a cheer coach. :)

My mother-in-law, grandma, LT, Stephanie, & Felicia came to cheer on their favorite cheerleader.
Masyn totally has my hairline & I can't keep those baby hairs out of her face! ha!

All of the cheerleaders in her age group danced on the field together, but this is just her squad.
They are the sweetest little girls ever!

She did her jump when they introduced her. 
She's been working on it for a few weeks.

So proud of these girls!

We all went out to eat afterwards, but I only took a few photos. I am terrible about getting our entire group in one photo! I am going to work on that.

A BIG thanks to my friends for driving all the way here to watch Masyn in her cheerleading debut!
I can't wait for her 1st game.

Friday, August 29, 2014


We kept my birthday very low key this year & it felt good to just go with the flow.
I spent the day at the mall with AK, & then had dinner with Lyndon & the girls.
The following day I met up with my best friends & they cooked my favorite things.

We ate & hung out. 
It's always so nice to just catch up with my favorite people & talk about life.
Then we cut the Golden Girls cake. :)

yes that is a Golden Girls cake, complete with Thunder colors :)

A little later we headed to the pool for a girls day of relaxing.

My girls forgot everything they learned in those early morning swim lessons.
We will definitely be doing the same class again in December.

The weather was perfectly hot & made the pool feel perfect.

I can't believe we didn't take a group shot of our group!
I'm terrible about that! I guess it's almost a tradition now. ha!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

my favorite things: take III

Fishtail Braids:

I FINALLY mastered the fish tail braid. I only thought I was pulling it tight before. 
Now I'm working on the 5 strand braid. Cross your fingers that I don't tie Masyn's hair in knots!

AK can't get enough of TSwift's new song & neither can I! 

Pompoms & soft blankets:

One thing that isn't is a secret is my LOVE for pompoms.
I found these super soft blankets at Target & the girls won't go to sleep without them.

Balanced Guru:

My friend Melissa bought me this stuff for my hair.
I'm hooked & will always have back up in my cabinet.

Peach anything is a favorite of mine, especially when it's chapstick with SPF!

How did I survive without one of these?
I love trying different fruit recipes & my girls can't get enough either.
I love this water bottle so much & I am definitely drinking more than my 64 ounces of water a day.

I love my leopard nikes.
I've been breaking them in nicely a few miles every morning. 

Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

days 2 - 7

I'm working on a project to document Masyn's Kindergarten year.
I hope I remember to take her photo every single day.

so far, so good!

 We are 7 school days closer to summer break, but who's counting!? ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

this little light of mine

{homework on top of the table while I cook lunch is a new part of our routine}

{love this little left handed girl so much}


We rescued a cat & she gave us FIVE more to thank us.
We're keeping her, but this will be her last litter of kittens. 

All of her babies are spoken for, so at least there's that!
We're keeping this one.
We talked about names for days, and here is the short list:

1. Frozen
2. Frozen
3. Elsa
4. Anna
5. Olaf

Anyone seeing a pattern here??
I liked Olaf, considering the cat is white, but then I suggested Arendelle & both girls thought THAT was the purrrrfect name. 

So, meet Arendelle, our outdoor kitten.
Obviously, we're doing a fine job at keeping her outside. ;)

around here

We miss having Masyn home during the day.
Picnics & reading books outside in the morning are our fave.
AK still loves it, but always asks if Masyn can come home & play.

Last year I didn't let Masyn take her lunch often.
She was a picky eater & I wanted her to try new foods.
She was a little more willing to try them because her friends were eating the same things.
I do think it worked because she is SO much easier to please now.

Meet the Teacher night

This year is different. 
She asked me if she could take her lunch to school more this year & I said yes.
She decides each evening if she wants a lunch or to eat at school.
So far, she's just packed a lunch.

We have a stash of fun straws for her to take. {I ordered here}
I also picked up magic straws to change it up a bit since she always gets a milk from school.

I'm still new to the "pack a lunch" club & hope she doesn't get bored with the same thing.
Yesterday she had pigs in a blanket instead of a sandwich, 
but she didn't like it as well because it wasn't hot.
If you have any lunch ideas, send them my way.

pretzel recipe HERE

She's also B-E-G-G-E-D me for a YEAR to ride the bus.
I'm not comfortable with that just yet. I may never be! ha!
All of the schools are very close in proximity, 
so on cheer practice days I let her shuttle from her school to the gym.
 It was a DREAM COME TRUE for her! 
I was a nervous wreck the entire day just thinking about my baby on a big school bus,
 but everything went perfect. 

I've been on the hunt for cute fall shoes for the girls. 
AK may never pack away her gold glitter flip flops.
She packs them in her purse if I ask her to wear different shoes.
Silly girl. 

AK helped me cook beef stroganoff & it was just as yummy as I thought it would be.

Thank you guys for all of the dinner ideas & recipes! Now, if you have lunch ideas for school kids, pass them along! :)