Friday, February 15, 2013

doc mcstuffins valentines party

Our neighbor Kristi & I decided to have a little Valentine's Day party for our girls last week. All 3 girls L-O-V-E Doc McStuffins, & Masyn has been asking for a Doc party so that was our theme. 

I dressed the girls up as Doc & Lambie.

Doc's outfit~ JCP pink skirt, Target leggings, Target pink glitter shoes, Target striped shirt, last season Target cardigan, heart hair clip from Hoblob a few years ago

Lambie: Walmart white leggings & tshirt, Target tutu, bow & squeaky shoes from Kathleen's Kids. How cute is this headband?

I used my silhouette to make fun little labels for their food.

We made Doc's band aids. (Is that gross? I'm not sure) Wafer cookies + pink tinted cake icing.

Some of the labels were just fun Vday lovey sayings, like 'you're the apple of my eye' & 'love you smore'

I had our local bakery make a pastel purple cake with pastel and bright pink bubble dots for the border. They forgot to center the word HAPPY so that was where I cut the cake 1st. :) I printed out a picture of the characters, laminated it with packing tape, & attached it to popsicle sticks for the cake topper. The cake was super sparkly with disco dust, but it didn't show up well in my pic.

felt crowns, kissy whistles, & Vday cups at their seats :)

In case you're wondering about this gorgeous font, I free handed it. obviously. ha! It started out good, but then I just don't know what happened. Masyn loved it though & it's still hanging up because she won't let me take it down.  

The girls helped me make the clinic. It's 2 boxes- 1 for the base & 1 for the roof. To make the peak of the roof, I used the side of a box so I didn't have to try to fold or bend the cardboard. Does that make sense? Then I attached it with zip ties. The doc is in sign was colored by Masyn :)

The top is covered with poster board & then packing tape. Also, the blue siding, window, & doggy door are glued on.

Looks like Doc McMasyn needs a doctor...


She keeps telling me Taylor is her best friend. I overheard her talking to AK in their room today & she was calling her Taylor Swift. hysterical.

Kristi brought over so many crafts & I had a few planned also. They made friendship bracelets and then just had a blast playing. I may be brainstorming ways to make the Vday crafts into Easter crafts soon.

Masyn & Taylor went upstairs to play & AK was still eating. I looked over and found this:

That's THREE smores cookies in her hand... and one in the other!

"What mama?" ha!

She didn't eat that many, but she just had to taste every single one.

Amy came over and I didn't even snap a picture! I'm so bummed. I have a heart warming story about my Uncle Steve I'd love to share, but I am going to ask him first. That's why my oohma and sister were MIA in these pics... 1 more VDAY post coming soon. Ok, 2 more because 1 hasn't happened yet :)

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